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Macklemore is the voice of our generation. I’m glad there’s POSITIVE rap music instead of savages rapping about sex and drugs.

Yeah, because God knows Macklemore was totally the first person to rap about positive things. /sarcasm

Even if he wasn’t the first, he’s still the only good rapper to actually do it. Maybe you should broaden your horizons more. 

Wow. The things you find when checking the notifications on a blog you rarely use…

For starters, referring to rappers as ‘savages’ is fucking awful. Secondly, saying that Macklemore is the only “good” rapper to do it is equally awful, and frankly subjective. Not to mention, it’s pretty much the exact opposite of ‘broadening your horizons’. 

Maybe you should educate yourself more on the genre.


this is a serious ass question…can a woman rape a man? like is it psychically possible? and I don’t mean like she put a dildo or finger in his bum without his consent I mean like can she ride the dick without consent?

Yes. If you stimulate a person’s penis enough, they could get an erection even without wanting to. So if she were to overpower him or drug him or coerce him or whatever, she could rape him.

34% say First Amendment goes too far | First Amendment Center – news, commentary, analysis on free speech, press, religion, assembly, petition



Among the other details in this survey:

· Over half of respondents strongly or mildly agree that the Constitution establishes a Christian nation
· 36% can’t name any of the 5 rights listed in the First Amendment
· 25% said that musicians should not be able to use lyrics others find offensive

"Over half of respondents strongly or mildly agree that the Constitution establishes a Christian nation"

Over half.


Yeah…just ignore that part of the First Amendment that explicitly says the opposite, guys. No biggie.

I often wonder if people in other countries are as ignorant and daft about their respective places of habitation as americans are of their own. It’s a frightening thought, though. I don’t care to contemplate it for very long.

If I had a table I’d flip that shit right now


ok this is on the topic of “transethnicity” guys please read i really want opinions

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I wouldn’t call it “cross-culture”, I’d just say it’s having a healthy appreciation of another culture. There’s nothing wrong with liking the typical French way of life, the French language, food, France itself, whatever. What is wrong is deciding “Wow, I really like things associated with France, so I’m gonna start telling people that I’m French”

New NSFW content restrictions enrage Tumblr users


Tumblr users have always had the option of marking their account as NSFW, and since around 10% of Tumblr is porn, people were generally pretty good at labelling their blogs. 

However, under Tumblr’s new content restrictions, posts from Adult-rated blogs will no longer show up on tags. Any tags. Also, Tumblr is able to flag your account as Adult without you labelling it as such—although users do have the option of appealing to the “Trust & Safety Team” if their feel their blog has been flagged unfairly.

Adult blogs are now unsearchable.

If your blog has been flagged as Adult, nothing you post will ever appear on Tumblr’s public tag searches. Your posts will only be visible to your own followers and the followers of people who reblog your content.

This means that if you want to publicize something like a Kickstarter campaign or political message, or even to signal boost a personal plea for help, that post will still not show up on Tumblr’s internal search engine. You are cut off from everyone except your own circle of followers.

Also, Many Tumblr users are finding that some tags have disappeared entirely from Tumblr’s iPhone app.

It’s unclear whether this is directly linked to the new content restrictions, but for example, iPhone users searching the #gay, #lesbian or #bisexual tags have reported seeing the result “No posts found,” although #bi, #lgbt and #queer still produce results. [READ MORE]


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